I’m Back! New Harry Potter Video!

So guys I know its been a long time since I’ve posted. Well now I’m back and I have 2 months of posting before I return back to school 😭😭😭. So while I was not posting, I decided to create a Harry Potter Character Theme Song Video! Its official, I AM SUPER ADDICTED TO HARRY POTTER SO I HAVE JOINED THEIR FANDOM AND I AM A POTTERHEAD! (Comment down below if you are also a Potterhead like me!) I tried the house test 3 months ago and I got into Hufflepuff Yay!

I also tried doing the house test again and this time I got into Slytherin! I think you can call me a Slytherpuff? Is that even the correct word? Ok so down below I will be posting the video. If the video cannot play, please go to these link https://youtu.be/kXsWFpzff0I

If u guys like this video please comment down below if you guys want a part 2. 

Also I was thinking of showing some pics or videos of my trip to Maldives and in Maldves in my next blogpost? Comment below if u guys think its a good idea cause I will be leaving for Maldives tomorrow (Philippine time) around 6:30pm cause thats the departure time.

Thank u guys and have a nice day


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