Tips on Packing a Carry-on Bag

Hey guys! So I just want to show you some tips on how to pack for your carry-on bag so it won’t be overweight. The pictures you will see are the things I will use for my carry-on backpack to Maldives.

First things first, a carry-on bag/baggage is a bag that you carry with you in the airplane (you won’t check that in). So in that bag you should have your essentials like medicine, sanitary napkins (cause its that time of the month), comb, things that will not make you bored (book, ipad, notebook for drawing), your phone, food (unlesss your airport is strict and won’t allow you to bring food or water) powerbank and your phone’s charging kit.

  • This is my backpack I will use as my carry-on bag

  • A comb incase my hair gets frizzled

  • Tissue, I normally like bringing small packs of this because its not too bulky and I can just put it in my pocket.

  • So inside this is my sanitary napkins and some small packs of tissue. I like how it isn’t see through so I can just take it with me anywhere

  • Earphones. For tjose of you that just likes to listen to music, PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THIS! Also to prevent the earphones from tangling with other stuff, I recommend you put it in a case like this:

  • Yah I know its big, but its better than nothing

  • My ipad, incase there is no tv, i will just be reading wattpad

  • My phone, where I take my pics and videos 
  • This is how the back of my phone looks like: 

  • The cover is from Otterbox: there was a sale where it is only for 699.50 pesos instead of 2250 pesos, so I just bought it

  • Sunglasses to protect me form UV light (Note: if you guys are going somewhere that is not summer, then don’t bring sunglasses!)

  • Charging kit for my phone, ipad and powerbank incase I can find a place to charge my gadgets. I recommend u guys to have a separate case for these like this:
  • Sorry, but I am a bit messy😰😰😰

  • Powerbank incase my phone or ipad dies, powerbank is there to save the day

  •  Medicines. I have medicines for cough, cold, allergy, headache/fever and stomach ache

  • Neck pillow, for the long hour flights and soemthing that will make you warm and comfy

  •  Eye mask. For those who are annoyed that they cannot sleep because someone beside them is reading with the light on. (Yup thats me 😂😂)

  • Last is food. I am the type of person who gets hungry easily when I am in an airplane so I brought some chinese snack (can anyone please tell me what this chinese snack is). This is one of my favorite snack of all times other than lays, pringles or cheetos.

So thats it for now, I will be updating you guys on whats happening tomorrow.

Have a nice day and please do not forget to vote, if you like this post. Subscribe, to be updated on whats happening in my trip to amd in Maldives!

-Nerdywritinggirl 4643-


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