Going To Maldives

Hey guys! Nerdywritingirl here and now I will show you my trip TO Maldives.
So first off I had to go to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport

So the flight I will be taking is Singapore Airlines from Manila to Singapore ‪at 6:30pm‬. Since me and my family arrived early in the airport, we went to a lounge and just stayed in the lounge. This is what I got:

  • Pineapple juice, carbonara, chicken teriyaki, and rice (don’t know what kind of rice this is)

So during the flight from Manila to Singapore, I just watched one of the movie entitled: Elementary

We arrived at Singapore ‪around 9:30‬ and this is how the airport looks like 

My next flight is from Singapore to Colombo using Sri Lanka airlines and it is on the next day so me and my family just stayed in a lounge to get some sleep. So the flight to Colombo was ok for me and my family except the stewardesses were not as friendly as others. We landed in Colombo ‪around 11am‬ (COLOMBO TIME) Then we now have the flight from Colombo to Maldives (Sri Lanka Airlines) which is around an hour and 30 minutes. Upon arriving there I felt a bit hot and when you arrive in the airport:

  • You get that!

So to get to our hotel, we need to use a seaplane and the ride is approximately 30 mins depending on which hotel you stay in cause I think each hotel has their own island. 

Our hotel’s name is Conrad and it is in Ragali Island. The hotel or what I call resort is very beautiful plus they have such friendly staff! 
So the staff showed us around and you do not need slippers cause its all covered in sand (unless its very hot).

  • This is the walkway from the landing base of the seaplane to the main island

For dinner, we went to a Chinese restaurant. And their food was just mouthwatering! 

Since we sat outside, it was very windy because it is now the start of the rainy season.

So guys thats all for now. Please don’t forget to click follow to be notified when my next travel post is! If you like this post, please click the like button. Have a good day everyone!



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