Free Printable School Planner Insert

Hi guys! Today will be a very special post because this is the first time I will be doing it. So I was bored today and since I read so many blog posts about school planner inserts these past few days, I decided to make one.

  • So this is the top part: I just found a quote from Google Image, there is a To Do part so you will know if you have completed the task or not. There is a Reminder part to keep you reminded. There are 8 cups so you will know if you drink at least 8 cups of water a day. Then we have the homework part to list all your homeworks you got from your teachers.

  • Then the last part is the notes page, incase you need to jot something down.

This is the link to the file:

When you click the link, click the download button on the top

Friendly reminder that this is only for PERSONAL USE.

If you want to tell people about my printable planner insert, please link them this page and not my google drive link.

Well thats all for now. Please comment down below if you like the printable planner insert amd if you want me to make more. Please also click follow to be notified of my next post!
Until next time….



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