Whats In My IPAD?

Hey guys Nerdywritinggirl here and I am sorry for not posting because I have ONE BIG EXPLANATION for that. I was on vacation ✈️✈️. Yup. I am just back from my 3 week trip in Canada 🇨🇦 still having jet lag. Well it is not necessarily a vacation…….I just had to visit some of my relatives who I haven’t seen in 3 years (Does that make me a bad person? Maybe..). And I didn’t want to use their internet because their internet plan is a lot more expensive compared to my internet plan here so no internet for the past 3 weeks….unless I stop by Starbucks 🤤🤤.

Ok so today I will present you whats on my Ipad….to like help you guys know what you need for back to school cause I am going to use this for school which starts on August 2 and i will be in 9th grade (WHICH IS HELL CAUSE WE ARE SAYING HELLO TO TRIGONOMETRY😫😩😰) and I haven’t even done my school enrollment and back to school shopping (That is how irresponsible I am as a student and as a person. Comment down below when will  your school start and what grade you will be and whether or not if your excited for school….which I know everyone will just say oh first 3 weeks is good then after that it is hell. Yah I am like that except i only like the first week cause there are no tests yet then 2nd week….loads of tests. SIRIUSLY WE HAVE HOMEWORK ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! I was like WHAT? NO ORIENTATION AND LIKE JUMP INTO LESSON….ONLY THE STRICT TEACHERS DO THAT IN MY SCHOOL..). Ok so now LETS GET STARRRTED!

  • So this is the front cover of my ipad and the brand is Halo and the cover is in my favorite cover PURPLE (For those of you who did not know😊)

  • Back cover (nothing much important there except for the pen holder)

  • How it looks like from the inside (BTW for those of you who are wondering what the ipad model is……it is the ipad 5 128GB or what they call the new ipad for some reason I don’t know why cause they recently release the ipad pro 10.5 inch and they don’t call that the new ipad but they call the ipad 5 the new ipad? I don’t know why anymore. Life doesn’t make sense and neither do some people and technology..)

  • This is my lock screen wallpaper (I got it from Pinterest cause this wallpaper is very nice. I love how they use watercolor and the structure of the buildings are very very nice. So thank you to whoever made this. I would always be grateful to you until the very end. Always.)

  • This is what my widget screen or dashboard or I don’t even know what to call it. From the top left i have the myHomework classes widget which will show all of my classes for one day. Down below we have the myHomework reminder where i check if i have any homeworks to do. Evernote widget is just for my poems or stories. Nothing really much. Then top right is the calculator widget so I don’t have to go to the calculator app cause i am that lazy and down below it is the wordpress where i can see who viewed my blog for today and we have the news. Set in my country, the Philippines🇵🇭 .

  • So this is the background of my home screen. I found a galaxy theme wallpaper then i just looked for some Harry Potter quotes on Pinterest then since I am a Hufflepuff, I went to Pinterest to look for some things that describe Hufflepuff and I strongly support House unity so i put the sorting hat’s quote of each house during Harry’s first year. Then I just arranged everything at Pinterest, screenshot it then it became my wallpaper. So for those of you who do not want to read the whole thing lets just say I AM A POTTERHEAD WHO IS SORTED INTO HUFFLEPUFF AND THATS WHY MY WALLPAPER IS LIKE THAT. BTW, Comment down below if you are a Potterhead or not and what is your favorite Harry Potter character and what house are you sorted in.

  • So this is the first page in my ipad. There are the usual apps of apple like imessage, safari, face time and so on. So the apps that I downloaded here are youtube, cause I need youtube for my life, my lifesaver in school and basically everything I need to know. Email, I store all my emails in one place. I also have google drive to save my other stuff because if i save my other stuff to my ipad, i cannot access it anywhere. But with google drive I can access it anywhere……as long as you have internet😊, a friendly reminder. I also have the youtube creator studio for my channel, FaveMusicgirl4643, I only uploaded one youtube video which is the Harry Potter Character Theme Songs Part 1, so if you are interested please check it out. And lastly we have Puffin Browser. Puffin Browser is equipped with flash player so if i need any interactive content for my studies…..I just search it and use Puffin Browser (SIRIUSLY I Might consider a job at the sales department if I can promote some products or apps well).

  • Ok so this is the second page of my ipad. And we are going to look at the folders one by one (If you don’t want to look at it folder by folder then you could start skimming…… I made the name of the apps bold so you can just find the name in the app store or playstore and let them do the explaining if you want it in more detail….)

  • First folder: The Calculator folder (I should have named it the only way to survive math😱😱😱😱). The first one named The Calculator is a scientific calculator and that is the app that has a widget. The other two (Free graphing calculator and desmos) are just graphing calculators incase I need homework help.

  • Next one: BOOKS. Basically these are the list of apps where they will supply our ebooks. Oh and btw I have a chinese ebook app because I am a Chinese and I have to learn Chinese (although after the school year, I forget about 60% of it. Is that normal to everyone who is trying to learn another language? Cause Chinese is so not my first language!)

  • Next up: The Dictionaries. Basically an English and Chinese Dictionary to EXPAND my vocabulary (but I am too lazy to do that 😩😩😩)

  • A dedication to music. Here I welcome you my apps for music class. First app is for guitar begineers (like me) who do not know or memorize the guitar chords. Next is Garage Band, it  may be an app for people who like to play music, but fir me: its an app where I can be myself and make music (though it is nothing compared to others). And finally: Guitar Tuna, to tune my guitar because I did not inherit the talent of tuning my guitar using the strings.

  • So here we have my main apps for school and my lifesavers. Itunes U because teacher posts announcements and sometimes if they are nice, their powerpoints. Pages, an app for my essay writing and A SURVIVAL IF YOUR TEACHER ASK YOU TO WRITE A REPORT OR AN ESSAY AND YOU DON’T HAVE A LAPTOP. Adobe Acrobat, where I store my pdf practice worksheets I get from the internet. Of course, WordPress, where I do my blog posts (though i donut know why its part of education when I don’t talk about math science or basically school?🤔🤔🤔). Evernote, where i write stuff, also a nice app for organization. Quizlet, for flash cards (even though i like using the physical ones, comment down below if you like using physical flash cards). Niv Bible, I need to reflect on my life and we need it in our Religion class cause my school is a Christian school. Khan Academy, extra FREE practice for Math. Science Formula Sheet, Basically an app where you type keywords in Physics, Chemistry or Biology and they will explain that keyword you type. Myhomework, where i store my class and homework reminders (though i don’t use it that often cause I really forget to jot it down). Imovie, where i create or edit movies because our projects are normally creating movies about something (at least I get to practice my really bad acting skills). Paper 53, where i just doodle my life. Ck-12, still extra math practice. Chegg Flashcards, the only reason i got this is because i can put pics in the flashcards for free and if u put pics in quizlet, they will charge you with a subscription. MLO 3, another planner that I don’t have any use (i should really start deleting some things I donut need). Lastly, 30/30, you basically type your subjects and how much time you want to study it and it will alarm when you are suppose to finish studying.

  • Welcome to the math folder or what i like to call the biggest lifesaver. Mathway, math42, and photomath are the apps where you type or picture the equation then they will show the answer to you but i think you have to have a subscription for you to view the solution step by step. Geogebra is like for graphing inequallities or equations, But, you can also make points, line segments, so also helpful for geometry. Geometry is like a dictionary full of geometry words and they will define it to you in the most simple way as possible. Math Formulas, is like a textbook where they will list diffrent types of math like trigonometry, algebra, then when you click it, it has different types of lessons (PS: i found this very useful.)

  • Photography, where i edit photos, collage them or design so ething new. Phonto is normally the app I use to edit my photos. Instamag has a lot of creative backgrounds for collages. Piccollage, I can edit my photos or collage them, have nice backgrounds, fonts and stickers. Canva, is where I create something new like posters, cards, bookmarks….. Fontcandy is one of the coolest photo editor I have ever seen so for those of you who like to edit photos, you better get that! Poto is another collage maker and photo editor and has over 500+ fonts and lots of templates. Picsart is one of the photo editors with many feautures like having different types of shades that can turn your pic like in the 1980 or a pop star one. Lastly vont is like an app where you can put text on videos. 

  • Lastly we have the mindmapping center. Mind Meister and MindNode helps us mindmap and brainstorm ideas. I prefer Mindnode because there are backgrounds and fonts to play with (PS: I got Mindnode for free because it is in the free app of the week but now i think its now paid)

  • So now we are done with the folders, i will now tell you all about the other apps that are not in the folders
  1. Spotify
  • Cause I need some classical music when studying and also MUSIC FOR LIFE

    2. Photofast One

  • I have the photofast usb where I store some large files and also backup my ipad.

    3. Wattpad

  • Cause I love reading fanfictions and other stories. Also Please check out my wattpad account Nerdywritinggirl4643. I have some poems and short stories up.

    4. Offline Browser

  • Is there like a time where you need to look at a recile for a cooking class or read an article but there is a very slow internet connection or no connection at all. Well Offline Browser will save the day. Go to a website, when it loads, there will be a download button below, then click it.

   5. Dropbox

  • I just put some stuff from the internet that can only be opened from dropbox because they upload a file using dropbox. But dropbox is also like google drive.

   6. Best Video Downloader

  • To download youtube videos and other movies from the internet for personal use only. 

   7. HS Story, Smule, Tropic Escape

  • Just some games

  • Finally we reach till the 3rd and final page 😎😎😎😎. Pinterest, where you can find ideas, and one of the best place for humor, jokes, quotes and truth. Videotomp3 is a place where you can make your video to mp3

So thats whats all in my ipad. Comment down below if you like this post and what is your app you really need for your life and school survival and where you are from. I am thinking of posting some back to school posts like a school supply haul, a whats in my backpack, some school life hacks and tips to be ready for your first day of school. If you want me to do those kinds of posts, let me know in the comment section below.

Oh and last thing I just want to show you guys what I had been laughing for the past hours

  • Isn’t this hilarious? Lucius’ face though (for those Potterheads who get it let me know in the comments section below)

But until then…………..




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