Whats In My Backpack 2017?

Hey guys! So hate to break it to you guys but school is just around the corner πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ which means homework, stress, tests and teachers. So I know some of your schools will start around last of August to first week of September but mine starts in August 2 (less than a week till vacation ends πŸ˜“) so I would like to post it today so almost all people can view this before they start school. And this school year I will be in 9th grade which I think is freshman year in USA or Canada?? I don’t know because in the Philippines, its 3rd year of junior high.

Anyway so without further and do lets get right to the post……

  • This is the backpack I will be using and this is from Dolly Club Company and they can only be found in Taiwan. I have been using this backpack since 7th grade and so far this backpack is so sturdy, I usually have a lot of things to bring on the first day of school and even if I leave some of my things in my locker, my backpack is still heavy so I am glad it didn’t break at all.

  • There is one pocket in the left side

  • And one on the right

  • So this is my water jug (found in the left pocket) I use for the past 2 years and this water jug is from the brand Bros and I got this because the design is so cute and i just love the teal or aqua color (sorry don’t know what kind of shade of blue is this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

  • In the left pocket, I have an umbrella in case it rains and I have to walk back home. My usb for computer class, my green lock for my locker (the key to open the lock), and lastly my stapler because I cannot wait in line just to get my files stapled.

  • So this is how the inside looks. (Sorry I am a very unorganized person πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

  • So in this pic, there are 2 pockets there so I can just put some small stuff without losing them.

  • The first thing I have (and what you must really have) is my pencil case. This My Melody pencil case is a Christmas gift last year from my grandma and if you are wondering where did she buy this, it is from Hong Kong.

  • This is how the top part looks.

  • Inside the top part, I have my protractor, scissors, a stabilo highlighter (from last school year), a ruler and my school id (for privacy, I did not include my id card in my photo so sorry about it 😐).

  • This is just below the top part and all of the things I put there are the pens I always use.

  • So in the middle part, I have a Papermate Inkjoy red pen, a black pen, a Monggol 0.5 mechanical pencil, and a Pilot 0.5 lead refill. I just want to say that the Monggol mechanical pencil is a great and sturdy brand because I have been using it since 5th grade and my other mechanical pencils only last like 2 years and they break. So I recommend you guys get the Monggol mechanical pencil and it is also in a good price. 

  • Ok, so if you flip the middle part, you will find a large section where you can put anything. So me being me I just dump all my other stuff there.

  •  Since I have a lot of stuff, I just grouped my stuff and I will show it to u guys by group.
  • To your left this is the little twin stars uni style fit and it comes with 3 refillable ink. Next we have the Hello Kitty uni style fit and comes with 5 refillable ink. I got these pens 2 years go in Japan. Then we have the Frixion Ball 0.7 purple pen which is also from Japan. This ballpen is like a touchpen for any electronic devices and I use this for Paper 53 when I am drawing. I got this from cdrking for as low as β‚±20 so this is technically $0.4 US Dollars. Lastly I got this Maped eraser for math and science because I use pencils for those subjects.

  • Next stop to your left I got a Mr. Whipper correction tape from National Bookstore and a light green, orange, purple, and pink Muji pens from Muji.

  • Lastly I got these set of Papermate Inkjoy pens (plus the red one) from Walmart and that pack came like 2 pens of every color and the black and blue have 4 each and the nice part is it is $5 cheaper than the normal set of Papermate Inkjoy pens which is a plus.
  • If you are wondering why I have so many colored ballpens, it is because I am a 50% visual and 50% auditory learner meaning if i write my notes in different colors, I can remember my notes more and I just love to colorcode.

  • Next thing I got is a Casemate ring binder pencil case and I only store some craft supplies in there.

  • This is what the inside of the first big pocket look like

  • Inside there is my refill for correction tape and I got some tape (for all those times you tear your paper and u need something to fix it up)

  • The second biggest pocket………

  • Inside I have a glue and page flags for my notebooks.

  • So this is my 9 binder notebook from Campus Mates
  • If you are wondering how this works, there are 2 pins (top and bottom) just slide one out and remove the notebook and place the refill of it back then slide the pin you took off back. This is the medium size and there are the small and large size.

  • I will now be showing you my notebooks.
  • I kind of got obsessed with DIY over the years so I DIY my notebook with washi tapes and markers. For each notebook, I put the color of the washi tape on top, subject name, my name (but thats private), and a quote about each subject to motivate me.
  • So this is my Math notebook.

  • Science notebook

  • English Notebook

  • Filipino Notebook
  • Filipino is the national language of the Philippines and therefore we must learn it.
  • P.S. If you are wondering who Jose Rizal is, he is our national hero. He wrote Noli Me Tangere and El Fulibusterismo during the Spaniard’s  invasion in the Philippines. He was killed because of writing these books which shows how cruel the Spaniards are (No offense to Spaniards reading is)

  • This is my AP notebook which stands for Araling Panlipunan or in other words History Class.

  • Chinese notebook because I am studying in a Chinese private school so I must learn Chinese 
  • Let me tell you it is very hard to learn Chinese because there are a lot of words you need to know how to read and write and even up to this day there are still some Chinese who can’t read very rare Chinese words.

  • CE notebook which stands for Christian Education because my school is a Christian school.
  • And the other 2 notebooks are blank so they are just emergency notebooks incase I need a refill.

  • Now this is my emergency kit for school and that pink thing is my hand sanitizer to keep away bacteria.

  • This is how the top part looks and inside are just napkins just incase that time of the month comes. I usually feel embarrassed asking my friends for some napkins so I just brought my own and I also share this with them incase they don’t have.

  • This is how the bottom part looks like.

  • So what I have at the bottom are tissues, comb and my medicine, mainly for cough, allergies, stomach ache and LBM.
  • I really don’t have any makeup stuff because our school doesn’t allow and my skin is very sensitive so if I put make up, I will start scratching myself and sneezing for the whole day. Amd also I really hate makeup because when they put it on me when I was 5 years old (because I was a flower girl for my uncle’s wedding) I hated how it smells and how it feels on my skin.

  • Next I have some graphing paper for Math and Science

  • This is just Chinese paper where we have to write sentences and essays in Chinese.

  • This is a Rilakkuma multiple folder to store all my homeworks. I got this from Taiwan 4 years ago so that is why it looks a bit tattered.

  • This is how it looks inside.
  • Insode my math folder is a unit converion table and the perfect squares table. In the Science folder, the rules of significant figures for Physics because I always forget about them.

  • English and CE section
  • In the English folder is just a copy of the Subject Verb Agreement rules

  • Filipino And Ap section

  • Chinese and T.L.E
  • T.L.E is basically like cooking class, architecture class, computer and robotics. So we have each one of them for evry quarter. And I am just glad it is for every quarter only because architecture class is the hardest and I only get passing grades because I am not a good drawer.

  • Lastly we have the EP/Health section and a Paper section.
  • EP is like a guidance class. Health class is like you have to know first aid stuff, what to do incase of emergencies..
  • For the Papers section I put scratch papers there so I can use the papers for solving in Math. Its also very good to practice recycling.

  • Then we have my Pad Papers folder 

  • This is how it looks like
  • Left section we have 1/4 pad paper and 1/2 lengthwise
  • On the right section we have whole pad of intermediate paper and 1/2 crosswise paper

  • This is my quiet time paper. In our school we have a Bible reading and at the end we must have a reflection about the verse, what does it mean, how can we apply it in our life….

  • This is a 1.5 inch binder and I use this as a planner. I just get some free planner inserts online and print them out, punch the papers and insert. Whenever I get a planner from a bookstore, I don’t end up using all the pages so I just want the pages I know I will be able to use. I am  also coming up a post about what is in my planner so stay tuned for it. (Comment below if you want me to make a whats in my planner post)

  • Of course we all need a ruler for math and science

  • A clearbook for putting my test papers

  • Studio 18 washable markers for arts and projects and I got this from Dollarama for only $3 

  • Studio Dual Tip Highlighters for only $2 from Dollarama and it comes with 6 colors. How amazing is that?

  • A compass for math and architecture

  • My earphone holder

  • Here’s how my earphones look like

  • Post it notes for my notebooks, reminder and for other stuff.

  • My glasses’ lace

  • This is my glasses’ case

  • This is my glasses and I got these from Owndays, a Japanese brand. I swear if I forget my glasses I have to sit at the very front because if I sit on the back, all the words are blurry and my grade is just like 150, 200 and thats bad for me.

  • My casio calculator 

  • This is how it looks with the hard case at the back and this is the Casio scientific calculator fx-95 MS 
  • I use this for Math and Science

  • My jacket so I won’t get cold. I got these from Old Navy

  • Of course who could forget my ipad. It contains all my books. Forgetting it for just one day will result into death because my teacher always uses the books. I posted a Whats in my ipad post. Don’t forget to check that out.

  • Lastly we have my index card holder because I use flashcards to study.

  • For the bottom pocket, I have some tissue and wet wipes.

So thats the end of this post. Comment down below when your school starts and what is the most importand school supply do you really need.  Also if you like this post please press the like button and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to press the follow button so you can receive notifications when my new posts are up. I have some upcoming posts to make like whats in my planner, school life hacks, how to study efficiently and how to get high grades.

Thank you guys and have a good day. ☺️


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