About Me

Hi everyone! My anonymous name is Violet Grace Parker-Smith which I came up with because I have to keep my name anonymous! Anyway my username or title of my blog is Nerdywritinggirl. I just love that username because I for once love writing and people in my school calls me nerdy and I do not know why. So here just some of my favorites:
1. Favorite colors: light pink, light purple, light blue and yellow
2. Favorite subjects: English, Social Studies, Math and Science
3. Favorite food: Pizza but preferably Shakey’s or Domino’s
4. Favorite book: Fall Of Butterflies, Harry Potter
5. Favorite Movie: There are lot I like but I really like Secret Life of Pets. I mean they are just so cute especially Gidet.
6. Favorite TV Shows: House of Anubis, Phineas and Ferb, iCarly, Fairy Odd Parents, Victorious, Every Witch Way
7. Favorite Holiday: Christmas
8. Favorite Sports: Badminton or Swimming
9. Favorite Music: I have a lot but one has to be Brave by Sarah Bareilles.
10. Favorite Animals: Panda, Hamster, Dolphin and Arctic Penguin
11. Favorite Hobbies: Blog, Read books, Watch TV, Play badminton, Swimming, reading Harry Potter Fanfics
And that is all you need to know. Oh btw, if anyone of you knows nerdywritinggirl4643 from FictionPress, then I am the one. So that is all, this is nerdywritinggirl signing off……


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