Ms. Perfect

Hey guys! Nerdywritinggirl here! Today I will be posting a new story entitled Ms. Perfect. So the story is about a girl who knows another girl named Angelina. Now everyone says that Angelina is Ms. Perfect because she has a perfect life. But the girl thinks that there is something wrong or fishy about Angelina.

Now, guys, this story is PG 13 so please read at your own risk.

Chapter 1

I once knew a girl. Her name was Angelina. I always thought she was a normal girl with a happy life because everybody calls her Ms. Perfect. Why? She is very beautiful, smart, rich and she had many friends. Everyone thinks she has a happy and perfect life. But I think that there’s more that meets the eye.

Chapter 2

Whenever I see Angelina with her friends who always talked about popularity, being perfect and rich, I would see many emotions swirling around in her eyes for about 5 seconds and changed the subject. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not stalking her because I feel jealous. No. I am not jealous but very curious to why Angelina always changes the subject and those emotions I can see, guilt, hurt, and fear. Why was she having those emotions? Isn’t she suppose to be happy? Isn’t it every girl’s dream except me to be crowned or to have the title Ms. Perfect??

Chapter 3
For the next 3 years, I dismissed that thought and eventually became friends with Angelina which she was very happy to be friends with me while her other friends were telling her that I am not too popular enough, but Angelina just dismissed it and eventually her friends accepted me. For a girl who everyone thinks that she is Ms. Perfect, she acts really nice towards her friends and not the bossy mean girl you typically see in a girly movie. She also doesn’t judge her friends and accepts them for who they are. She acts like a normal girl. As if she has no title of Ms. Perfect. And that was what makes me like her. One day, while I and Angelina were walking to the park, a tall and weird man came towards me and Angelina and I swear I saw Angelina’s eyes flashed fear for a second or to. But why?

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Coming Home

Hey Guys! Nerdywritinggirl here and sorry if  haven’t been blogging for weeks! Studying is really tiring me out and in 2 weeks time, I will be having my finals! Hopefully , I can blog during the Christmas Break!

So today I will be showing you one of my writing



Coming Home

Some people think I am weird, but some people think I am crazy. Can you hear that? Mom and dad are calling me. That was the reason why people call me crazy. They cannot hear my mom and dad calling me because they were dead. Only I could hear them and I talked to them. Some people wanted to put me in the mental hospital because they were afraid I would turn into a maniac.

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