Whats In My IPAD?

Hey guys Nerdywritinggirl here and I am sorry for not posting because I have ONE BIG EXPLANATION for that. I was on vacation ✈️✈️. Yup. I am just back from my 3 week trip in Canada 🇨🇦 still having jet lag. Well it is not necessarily a vacation…….I just had to visit some of my relatives who I haven’t seen in 3 years (Does that make me a bad person? Maybe..). And I didn’t want to use their internet because their internet plan is a lot more expensive compared to my internet plan here so no internet for the past 3 weeks….unless I stop by Starbucks 🤤🤤.

Ok so today I will present you whats on my Ipad….to like help you guys know what you need for back to school cause I am going to use this for school which starts on August 2 and i will be in 9th grade (WHICH IS HELL CAUSE WE ARE SAYING HELLO TO TRIGONOMETRY😫😩😰) and I haven’t even done my school enrollment and back to school shopping (That is how irresponsible I am as a student and as a person. Comment down below when will  your school start and what grade you will be and whether or not if your excited for school….which I know everyone will just say oh first 3 weeks is good then after that it is hell. Yah I am like that except i only like the first week cause there are no tests yet then 2nd week….loads of tests. SIRIUSLY WE HAVE HOMEWORK ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! I was like WHAT? NO ORIENTATION AND LIKE JUMP INTO LESSON….ONLY THE STRICT TEACHERS DO THAT IN MY SCHOOL..). Ok so now LETS GET STARRRTED!

  • So this is the front cover of my ipad and the brand is Halo and the cover is in my favorite cover PURPLE (For those of you who did not know😊)

  • Back cover (nothing much important there except for the pen holder)
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